Graduate Research Showcase

alice little2

Faculty of Music

Does English Music Sound English?

Alice Little

what the construction of a music manuscript can tell us about eighteenth-century perceptions of ‘national music’ ... Read More

hanna smyth2

Faculty of History

The Material Culture of Remembrance and Identity

Hanna Smyth

South Africa, India, Canada & Australia’s Imperial War Graves Commission Sites on the Western Front ... Read More

lloyd houston

Faculty of English Language and Literature

Irish Modernism and the Politics of Venereal Disease, 1890-1939

Lloyd Houston

This thesis examines the political and aesthetic role venereal disease and discourses  of sexual hygiene played in the emergence of Irish modernism ... Read More


Katherine Butler, Poster on Digitally Reconstructing Tudor Music Manuscripts

Faculty of Music

Digitally Reconstructing Tudor Music Manuscripts: John Sadler's Partbooks

Katherine Butler

When the Elizabethan gentleman John Sadler sat down to copy his collection of latin sacred songs in c.1566-85, little did he know that he had chosen an overly acidic ink.... Read More

Olivia Robertson: Out of sight and over here

Faculty of History

Out of Sight and Over Here: Foreign female domestic servants in London 1880-1939 

Olivia Robertson

There were c.12,000 foreign-born female domestic servants in the 1911 population census, with just under half living in London.... Read More

Alice Little: The Tunebooks of JB Malchair

Faculty of Music

The tunebooks of JB Malchair: Oxford c.1770-1812

 Alice Little

From the 1770s until his death in 1812 JB Malchair, a musician and artist living in Oxford, collected traditional tunes of various nations.... Read more

Philip Chadwick: Strange Bedfellows

Faculty of Medieval and Modern Languages

Strange Bedfellows?: The Presentation of the Provincial Town in Fyodor Dostoevsky & George Eliot

 Philip Chadwick

To date, no monograph exisits that compates the works of George Eliot (1819-1880) and Fyodor Dostoevsky (1821-1881).... Read more

Martin Christ: the Reformation in upper Lusatia

Faculty of History

The Reformation in Upper Lusatia: Pragmatism and Tolderation, c.1520-1635

Martin Christ

The Reformation is widely seen as one of the central events of the sixteenth century. In many cases it led to violence and religious conflict. Not in Upper Lusatia...Read more

Lucy Dunlop: Leisure soon gets boring

Faculty of Medieval and Modern Languages

Leisure Soon Gets Boring: Organised Activities for Late-Soviet Youth

Lucy Dunlop

In 1966, an article in the Societ journal Young Communist described the dangers of 'wild tourism'....Read more

Jackson:Patrons and Artists at the Crossroads

Faculty of Oriental Studies

Patrons & Artists at the Crossroads: The Islamic Arts of the Book in the Lands of Rūm, 1270s-1370s

Cailah Jackson

This thesis is about the production and patronage of Islamic illuminated manuscripts produced in central and eastern Anatolia (known in Arabic as ‘Bilād al-Rūm’) between the 1270s and 1370s... Read more