Humanities Division

The Humanities Division is one of four academic divisions in the University of Oxford, bringing together nine faculties and the Ruskin School of Art. Our faculties are among the largest in the world, enabling Oxford to offer an education in Arts and Humanities unparalleled in its range of subjects, from music and fine art to ancient and modern languages.

We offer:

  • world-class teaching and research, with an increasing emphasis on interdisciplinary study
  • superb libraries and museums, including
    • the Bodleian Library with 11 million volumes and priceless early book and manuscript collections
    • the Ashmolean Museum of Art and Archaeology

The Head of the Humanities Division is Professor Dan Grimley.

Humanities Divisional Office

The Divisional Office supports the activities of the Humanities Division and the Head of Division. Comprising five teams - Planning, Resources and Personnel; Education and Training; Research Support; Finance; Development – it serves as a link between the central University and the Humanities faculties, ensuring that faculties meet University requirements, while also representing centrally the interests of the collectivity of faculties. The Divisional Office also supports the Divisional Board and committees of the Board.