Graduate Admissions

Humanities at Oxford

Oxford is at the international forefront of research in the humanities, attracting outstanding students, academics and researchers from across the globe. Our postgraduate students undertake their studies and research in a stimulating, challenging and highly rewarding intellectual environment.


The University of Oxford has four academic divisions, within which are individual departments, faculties or other centres, and a Department for Continuing Education, which offers courses across a range of subjects. For information about courses in Humanities, see:


Studying the Humanities

How do I apply?

Enquiries about applying to Oxford for graduate study should be directed to the University’s Graduate Admissions and Recruitment Office.

Deadlines for applications

Application deadlines for each postgraduate course at Oxford are listed on the relevant course pages on the University’s Graduate Admissions website. Some courses accept applications under more than one deadline, but if you wish to be considered for scholarship funding you must make sure you apply by the relevant January deadline. If more than one application deadline is listed for your chosen graduate course, this means that the department to which you are applying considers applications in two or more separate batches.

How much does it cost?

The University website provides information and advice to prospective postgraduate students about tuition and college fees, fee status and fee liability, other specific costs related to some courses of study, such as field trips and consumables, and living costs in Oxford.

What funding is available?

There is a range of funding sources for postgraduate students, including scholarships and loans. To find out a little more about our scholarship schemes you might wish to view this video:

Humanities & Scholarships


Teaching and supervision

As a graduate student at Oxford you will belong to an academic department or faculty which will provide your teaching and supervision, and provide numerous resources to support your studies. Information about the research interests of our academics is available on faculty pages. Links to faculty websites are available here:

Researcher Development

A range of skills and competencies are necessary for the successful completion of a programme of graduate study, and to prepare you for an academic or other career. The Humanities Division offers a range of training and development activities each year, primarily for doctoral students and postdocs. For further information, see the Researcher Development section on the Humanities website.


All postgraduate students are members of both a faculty or the Ruskin School of Art, and a college or hall. Colleges and halls provide a range of support and facilities to students, including residential accommodation, particularly for new students. Further information is available on the University’s website.